#WDS2014 – World Domination Summit (summaries)

WDS2014screenWhat do you get when you combine a great mission, high-quality speakers, a superb organization team and 3000 participants in Portland: Yes, the World Domination Summit #WDS2014. I was one of those participants and got a lot of inspiration. The conference is build around three pillars: Community, Adventure and Service. And it’s one of the first events where the ‘values’ are really implemented throughout the whole experience.

Here are just a few of the things that inspired me (and should inspire other event-organizers to do something special for your audience):

+ A few months in advance, you could already upload your profile and connect with other participants (based in several communities)
+ At the start of the event, the volunteers stood ready for a high five when you entered the conference room. Interesting start.
+ Beautifully designed notebooks and other gadgets to make the event special
+ The Unconventional race – participants could participate in this weekend-long scavenger hunt with completely weird tasks to experience the city and meet new friends. Eg Dress your pet up as a WDS mascot? Yep, that’s one. Steal an airline spoon and stick it in something funny? Yep, also possible.
+ On the first day of the conference, we broke a world record – check out the Great Nameste – doing 5 yoga exercises with 808 participants. Cool. No, it was very hot but still cool.
+ A lot of community projects are supported by the event
+ Lots of meetups (organized by other participants) and masterclasses to get inspired
+ A WDS Foundation where they provide β€œScholarships For Real Life.” The goal of these scholarships is to empower individuals to pursue their dreams and impact their community.
+ During the conference, people could tell their dream of 2020. Four participants were selected and got a surprise ‘kickstarter’ package (like a ticket to Cambodia, a connection with a good publisher, …)
+ The technical team was very fast and we got a lot of videos that had happened a few hours before.
+ Have you ever did some Bollywood dancing – amazing to see hundreds of participants follow ‘Bollywood’ dance steps motivated by DJ Prashant. What an adventure πŸ˜‰
+ … and a lot more

WDS2014 blogs overviewAnd all these elements happened next to a great line-up of top-quality speakers. Here are the summaries of all the keynotes of the World Domination Summit. Just click on the name of the speaker and enjoy the stories.

+ Masterclass Jonathan Fields
+ AJ Jacobs
+ Jadah Sellner
+ Gavin Aung Than
+ Shannon Galpin
+ Michael Hyatt
+ Saki Mafundikwa

Day 2:
+ Dee Williams
+ John Francis
+ Elise Blaha Cripe
+ Scott Berkun
+ John Jantsch