• 'Crossing Hr Borders'

    10th May 2022 - 9:03 - 10:18 (Central Europe Time)

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    TOPIC of this session: 'Crossing Hr Borders'

    Swapping players is common in the sports industry. Why don't companies do this with their employees? Why don't we have rules with an expiry date? What can we learn from the army or formula 1 to create more efficient teams?


    These are just a few examples of how a variety of sources (industries, cultures, nature) tackle several big challenges within the HR profession. In this session, you will learn a simple process and receive pragmatic tools to apply the ‘Crossing Borders’ concept for your own challenges. Learn to switch your perspective and broaden your reality. Of course you will also get a lot of inspirational examples what HR can learn from different sources.


    The premiere will happen on May 10th between 9:03-10:18 CET for the connections in my network. It's an online, free session. Interested? Subscribe and feel free to bring a colleague. 


    Participants of that session will also get access to the inspirational 'Crossing HR Borders' newsletter series with more than 50 specific examples how HR can learn from different sources.


    The presentation is also available for an in-company presentation or workshop which might be an interesting idea for one of your next HR Team events.

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