• Check if the questions below resonate with your goals of the event.

    • I'm looking for a speaker who can deliver a light and simple story on change.
    • I'm looking for a speaker who gives the audience pragmatic tools & language to cope with change.
    • I'm looking for a speaker who creates an informal atmosphere & makes sure that everybody is energized at the end of the session.
    • I'm looking for a top professional who will adapt his story to our specific situation and goes the extra mile to create something extra-ordinary.

    If you send me a short mail with some basic info (background event, estimation number of participants, possible date of event) then I'll do my best to send you a tailor made response within 24 hours to let you know if I'm available on that date, with some extra info about the topic and a fee estimation.



    Or feel free to send me a whatsapp (+32 486 87 45 11) with your email and some details if you prefer that communication tool.

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