• C.I.A. session (Cyriel in Action)

    Personal invitation

  • If you received a link to this webpage, that means that you got a personal invitation from Cyriel to attend his C.I.A. session.

    I organise this C.I.A. session for senior professionals, like you, to give you a good impression of my content & style.


    In 75 minutes, you get to experience some highlights from my two keynotes 'the Change Mindset' and 'Making Change Simple'. Get a taste of both presentations' highlights in a dynamic session, tailored for those curious about Cyriel's engaging style. Expect a blend of simplicity, interaction, energy, and a touch of Flemish humor!


    PS: it's totally fine if you invite 1 extra colleague who might be interested. Just let me know the name because then we add that person to the guest list.