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    26th November 2021 - 11:03 - 12:18 (Central Europe Time)

  • TOPIC of this session: How to cope with resistance to change?

    Should we ignore the people who resist change? Or should we just spend more time with them to explore the cause of the resistance? Are there ways to minimize the negative emotions? Can we turn resistance into positive energy?


    We will start with a short introduction of the topic to create a context. 3 - 5 sub-topics or challenges will be framed and then we open the discussion to share examples, experiences, best and next practices and insights between participants. The participants decide the direction of the conversation.


    Afterwards, we will provide all participants a short summary with the most important discussion points + practical tips & tricks.

  • Investment: € 75 (or completely free for Tribe members)

    This session is free for the Members of the Change Mindset Tribe. If you're not a member, you can still follow the session for a fee of € 75 (excluding 21% VAT). If you are not a member, please share your invoice details (name company, address & VAT number) in the message box below if you subscribe and we will make an invoice for your organisation. If you have a discount code, also mention it in the message box. Looking forward to welcome you in the session.

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