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Cyriel Kortleven works as a catalyst. His keynote is dynamic and interactive. He creates an open-minded atmosphere. The audience doesn’t feel overwhelmed or threatened anymore. They dare to take action to remove inefficient ‘ladders’ (systems, procedures, rules). Cyriel inspires leaders to create a change framework that allows employees to explore their full potential. Cyriel inspires professionals to adopt a creative, entrepreneurial mindset to cope with change. Apply the Yes And Act manifesto:

YES – Suspend your judgement. Believe. Be in the moment.
AND – Explore alternative views. Imagine. Trust the other.
ACT – Get into action. Experiment. Fail often, fast & forward.

Keynote - Break, burn or ban the box
Break, Burn or Ban the Box

Patterns dominate our lives. Cyriel shows how you can break those fixed-thinking patterns. In a very practical way to make sure that people start to behave in a creative and focussed manner. Read more.

Keynote - Less Is Beautiful
Less is Beautiful

Cyriel guides companies and organisation to simplicity and effectiveness. He presents a broad range of inspiring best practices from different industries.  Be inspired by examples & tools to apply ‘less is more’ in business. Read more.

Life is short. Choose Life.

Strive to live your life to the full potential. Cyriel inspires you with stories, examples, movies to live happier and more conscious. Read more.