• The Change Mindset

    Don't mind the Change. Change your Mind.

  • A changing world

    The world is changing faster and faster and it’s happening everywhere. Together we are facing pandemics, strong economic competition, more demanding clients,… not to mention AI, chatGPT and other new technologies.

    How do you perceive these waves of change? Are you a shipwreck survivor on a raft or are you a surfer? Do you feel overwhelmed by the continuous waves of change trying to resist by sticking to your fixed thinking patterns? Or do you choose to become a ‘change’ surfer and develop skills to transform problems into opportunities?


    Are you willing to choose, install and use a ‘change’ mindset?


    A growth mindset existing of these three ingredients: Yes And Act

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    The Yes And Act manifesto

    YES ... suspend your judgement


    Read more in my dedicated blog on how to turn a “yes, but” into a“yes, and”.



    AND … explore the world from a different perspective 


    Read more in my dedicated blog on “switching perspective is crucial to innovate”



    ACT … take small actions & learn from failures 


    Read more in my dedicated blog on “Learn from failures."



    [I have also created a trilogy of articles approaching this topic from a different angle. Dive deeper with part 1, part 2 or part 3].

  • Looking for more inspiration

    YES! Let me inspire you AND take some ACTion to boost your Change Mindset

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    Book me for a keynote in your organisation

    Are you looking for a speaker who:


    + can deliver a light and simple story on change.

    + gives the audience pragmatic tools & language to cope with change.

    + can create an informal atmosphere & makes sure that everybody is energized at the end of the presentation.

    + will adapt his story to your specific situation and goes the extra mile to create something extra-ordinary


    Then look no further and get in touch with Cyriel.

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    Read the bookazine 'the Change Mindset'

    If you are in search of clues on how you can keep up with the ever-changing world, then this bookazine is a must-read for you. Explore very practical tools that will help you stay flexible and open to possibilities. Check out how you can boost your creative and entrepreneurial mindset. And stimulate the mindset of the people you work with?


    A bookazine is a book with the layout of a magazine.

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    Follow my online training

    Boost your change mindset. Dive deep and get access to my online platform with 10 chapters and more than 33 inspirational video’s boosting your own growth mindset.


    Including the hilarious adventures of 'the Fellowship of the Change Mindset' - a special video production where Lord of the Rings characters are put in a bureaucratic setting.