• Boost your Change Mindset

    On this page you find the overview of all topics that will be covered in the training. You will notice that almost every page starts with a short, funny 'Fellowship of the Change Mindset' movie, followed by several modules of pre-recorded video content. You will also get access to extra inspiration like TEDx movies, book-recommendations, funny youtube movies and other inspiration. Enjoy!

    Link to training module 'a changing world'

    "Get you ready for the ever changing future."

    The VUCA rhythm - volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous - has taken over the world. Facts and figures prove that change is the only constant.

    Link to Change Mindset Training - patterns

    "Break your fixed thinking patterns"

    Human beings love to think in patterns. There's absolutely nothing wrong with patterns. But sometimes we get stuck.

    Link to training module: ladders and bananas

    "Don't get stuck on a 'ladder'."

    A ladder is an inefficient procedure, process or system. They come into existence for several reasons: lack of trust; underestimating the cost of control or risk aversion.

    Link to training module: growth mindset

    “Switch from a Fixed to a Growth Mindset”.

    A mindset is a set of beliefs that orients the way we handle situations. Our mindsets help us to spot opportunities, but they can also trap us in self-defeating cycles.

    Link to training module: Yes and

    "Go for Yes And if you are looking for new ideas"

    To avoid getting stuck in idea killers, suspend your judgement and go for a 3 minute 'Yes And.' You will immediately experience a positive atmosphere and you will have a lot of possibilities to choose from. Give it a try.

    Link to training module: switching perspective

    "Look at the world from a different perspective."

    Switching perspectives can help to discover new solutions that you didn't see before. Approaching a challenge from a different path can turn a problem into an opportunity.

    Link to training module: Crossing Borders

    "Cross Borders to explore new solutions."

    A lot of problems are already solved in a different domain, industry or environment. It can be very interesting to cross the borders of your department, company or industry to explore how things are done in that domain.

    Link to Training module: get into action

    "Take a Nano action to explore if your idea has potential"

    A Nano action is a very small step to see if an idea has potential or not. You can only spend one hour and maximum 10 euro on it.

    Link to training module: it's a nearling

    "Be proud of your nearlings."

    A nearling is a positive word for something that you did with the right intention, but which has not (yet) led to the right results. Be proud of your nearlings: you have taken an initiative. You learned which path you shouldn't take. You have moved others. And we need many nearlings for a few successes.

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    Extra Inspiration

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