• Thank you

    Here are some extra gifts for my valued C.I.A. guests

    Bookazine Change Mindset

    Did you already get a copy of my bookazine 'the Change Mindset'?

    If you didn't receive a copy of my bookazine, feel free to send your (home or office) address and I'll make sure that I send you two copies.
    If you already received my bookazine then I'm happy to send a copy to one of your connections (preferably from a different organisation). It would be great if that person is also a senior HR / Communication / Event professional. You can use this voucher (or click on the book picture) to offer your connection also a free bookazine. Enjoy.

    Link to Change Mindset Tribe

    The Change Mindset Tribe

    Are you the right professional to join the Change Mindset Tribe? It's focussed on professionals facilitating change in their organisations (HR, (Internal) Communication & Change professionals). You can access the platform via this link (or click on the picture)

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    33% discount - No More Boring Online Sessions

    You can follow my No More Boring Online Sessions training with 33% discount. You will receive 21,5 simple methods to create more interaction, engagement and fun during online sessions. Feel free to share this discount link with another colleague. The discount code is 'YESTHEREALTHING' and you can find the course via this link.

    Next to the pre-recorded training modules, there's the possibility to deliver this interactive train-the-online-moderator session in house. I would recommend a maximum of 25 participants and then we can create a tailor made version of 2 hours. If you're interested in the in house training, send me a mail and I make a proposal.

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    Change Mindset Toolbox

    Would you be interested in receiving a nice Change Mindset package including:

    + 1x Yes/No artwork (3D printed)

    + 3 x bookazine Change Mindset

    + 50 x coasters with 'Ideakillers/ideaboosters' + 50 x coasters with 'Nearling'

    + 1 x extra 'surprise' book

    + Delivery costs for the package


    You can order such a package for 123 euro (excl VAT). Just send me a mail with your address + invoice details and the package will be on its way.

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    30 minutes - free advice for your next (online) event

    I'm available for a 30-minutes 'advice/sparring' session where I help you develop the flow for your next (online) event. There's no obligation to work with me for the execution of the event (but you never know if I can have an added value).