• Boost your Change Mindset: 'A Changing World'

    Every week you get access to a new chapter of the training. And I want to introduce you to a few special characters who will summarise the essence of every chapter in a hilarious way. The Fellowship of the Change Mindset is a fun side-project from me where you can explore the adventures of some Lord of the Rings figures in a bureaucratic setting. Today you already get access to some behind-the-scenes shots. Enjoy!

  • A changing world

    The VUCA rhythm - volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous - has taken over the world. Yesterday has come to pass. Facts and figures prove that change is the only constant. New professions come into existence, shaping future opportunities.

    The world of Yesterday and Tomorrow

    Training module

    The world of Yesterday is based on different principles than the world of Tomorrow. Discover these principles in this training module.

    Some facts & figures

    Training module

    Many scientific studies have been done to measure the effects of change and engagement within an organisation. Here's a short selection.