• Boost your Change Mindset: 'Ladders & Bananas'

    Let's start with the adventures of the 'Fellowship of the Change Mindset': Frodo, Gandalf, Gimli, the Elf, The Nazgul and the mysterious Cleaning Guy.

  • Ladders & Bananas

    Placing a ladder over a banana peel to avoid people slipping on it is not the most efficient solution. ​However, if you look at organisations (certainly the bigger ones), it is quite strange that they have built so many ladders into their structures and systems. A ‘ladder’ in this context is used to indicate an inefficient pattern that we keep repeating because it has proven successful in the past, although it currently isn't very efficient or doesn't lead to the results that we want. Let's explore how those ladders get into existence.

    The Ladder & Banana metaphor

    Training module

    Enjoy the visual explanation of the ladder & banana metaphor.

    7 reasons why ladders are still being build

    Training module

    Discover 7 reasons why ladders are still build + enjoy the 'crazy' examples.

    Real ladder stories

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    If I deliver a presentation, I love to use real props on stage. On several occasions I wanted to use a real ladder on stage but arranging that ladder wasn't always an easy task. Here I will share a few real-life 'ladder' stories.