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    Mentally, we are used to focusing on error and failure prevention, when we should actually let go of this focus and start learning from our mistakes. For true innovation, the ability to let go is just as important as thinking of the new. Sometimes it’s better to start doing something and discover you’re on the wrong path (you learned what isn’t the right path) instead of doing nothing- because then you have zero chance of learning anything. Yet the words ‘failure’ and ‘mistake’ still have a negative connotation to them.

    Fellowship of the Change Mindset

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    Explore the adventures of Frodo, Gandalf, Gimli, the Elf, The Nazgul and the mysterious Cleaning Guy.

    It's a nearling!

    Training module

    A nearling is a positive word for something new that was done with the right intentions, which has not (yet) led to the right result.

    Create a nearling culture

    Training module

    Here’s a nice how-to guide to create a culture in your organisation that allows for space to talk about nearlings and stimulate a more entrepreneurial mindset.

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