• Boost your Change Mindset: 'Patterns, patterns and more ...'

    Let's start with the adventures of the 'Fellowship of the Change Mindset': Frodo, Gandalf, Gimli, the Elf, The Nazgul and the mysterious Cleaning Guy.

  • Patterns, patterns and more ...

    Human beings love to think in patterns. Which is great- otherwise we wouldn’t even survive.


    However, if we always stick to the things we already know (our inherent aversion to change would advise us to do so) - it can lead to feeling profoundly stuck both on a personal level - a world plastered and limited by assumptions - as well as on an organisational level, commonly referred to as bureaucracy.


    Let's explore how we can overcome some of those fixed thinking patterns.

    Thought patterns in our brain

    Training module

    How does our brain operate? Learn the difference between system 1 and system 2 thinking.

    Different shapes of fear

    Training module

    Most of the time, it's fear that keeps us away of changing something in our lives. The biggest fears for change are: fear of the Unknown, fear of a Different Opinions and fear of Failure.

    Can you solve the 9 dot puzzle (advanced level)


    Can you solve the 9 dot puzzle challenge. Quite sure you can connect the 9 dots with 4 square lines. But this challenge is of course for the real creative people out there.