• Boost your Change Mindset: 'Take action'

    Let's start with the adventures of the 'Fellowship of the Change Mindset': Frodo, Gandalf, Gimli, the Elf, The Nazgul and the mysterious Cleaning Guy.

  • Get into action

    Suspending judgement and generating a lot of ideas is a smart move if you want to allow change to happen. But without action, it has just been a nice thinking exercise. You have to bring your ideas into action if you want to go from creativity to real innovation. Taking a lot of small actions might be a very good approach to break the procrastination habit.

    Difference between plan and reality

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    There’s quite often a different path between the plan and reality. What looks very logical in our head or on paper is not always the way in which the outside world reacts to our plan. You will have to adapt your plan constantly.

    Take a Nano Action

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    What is the first, small step that you can take - within 48 hours - to check if an idea or project has potential?

    Breaking the Procrastination habit

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    Most of us are occasionally guilty of procrastinating. This is quite logical because we're juggling all the time with competing priorities which all require attention, time and energy. You will learn a very simple method to break the procrastination habit.