• Explore & Discover 'Failure'

    16th November 2022 - 9:03 - 10:18 (Central Europe Time)

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    TOPIC of this session: How can 'failure' become a driver for an engaging learning environment?

    Our guest speaker is Johan D'Haeseleer who calls himself an Exper-i-Man. He loves to do experiments how he can improve his life. Some of his experiments work, some not. We will explore the power of experiments and why it's interesting to accept failure (or nearlings).

    Some info about Johan:

    Experimenting to become better.

    There must be a better way.

    But simultaneously we gravitate to the status quo.
    I use experiments to give myself permission to try a different and hopefully a better approach.
    Johan in three bullet points:
    • Irrational by nature
    • Engineer by education
    • Exper-i-man by my own design

    “There’s a difference between why, what and how, experiments are my how to change” Johan Dhaeseleer

    The biggest part of the session we will be working in breakout rooms to explore questions like this:

    • How can 'failure' be seen as a positive element to stimulate learning?
    • What are activities that we can do to stimulate the sharing of 'failures'?
    • How should a manager react to an employee’s ‘failure’ to help drive that learning environment within the workplace?
    • To what extent can ‘failure’ be educational and at what point does it become detrimental?
    • How can we keep people motivated after a ‘failure’ and to encourage them to learn from it?


    The purpose is to share experiences, examples and look for some common tips/tricks that might help us. At the end of the session, we will also have time to share some good tips, books, TED Talks, websites with each other.


    Afterwards, we will provide all participants a short summary with the most important discussion points + practical tips & tricks.