• Crossing HR Borders

    Get inspired by many examples from different domains, industries and other unexpected sources

  • Why is 'Crossing Borders' important?

    Swapping players is common in the sports industry. Why don't companies do this with their employees? Why don't we have rules with an expiry date? What can we learn from the army or formula 1 to create more efficient teams?


    These are just a few examples of how a variety of sources (industries, cultures, nature) tackle several big challenges within the HR profession. Together with Marc Heleven - Innovation researcher, we have collected 60+ examples what HR can learn from different sources. To make it digestible, we have created a series of 15 newsletters build around certain themes like recruitment, engagement, leadership, ... with 4 specific examples per edition.


    At the end of the series, you get access to the booklet with all 60+ examples. Receive your first newsletter as soon as possible by subscribing to the list.


    Did we mention that it's completely free? Yes it is.

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