• 'Making Change Simple'


    Embrace the power of Simplification to boost the effectiveness of change initiatives.


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  • Making Change Simple

    Embrace the power of Simplification to boost the effectiveness of change initiatives. 

    This presentation is aimed at professionals who are looking for a simple and pragmatic formula to enhance the success rate of a change project (personal behaviour or organisational change projects).

    Explore the fascinating 'Brainflix' metaphor, where you'll delve into the workings of our unconscious mind in decision-making. And discover how we can use simple principles to steer our unconscious mind in the direction of the desired behaviour. The key to overcoming common obstacles in change projects lies in creating momentum and engagement by focusing on 3 principles: Make it Specific, Smooth and Small.

    Specific: Define clear goals and translate them into tangible behaviours. Create a vivid image of desired change and trust the locals to make it specific.
    Smooth: Follow the path of the least resistance to engage your people. Give them autonomy, security and energy to go along in the desired change.
    Small: Take incremental steps that lead to significant change, acknowledging that action today shapes a brighter future.
    You will of course taste Cyriel's signature with pragmatic tools, interactive exercises, inspiring examples, and the necessary humor to elevate your change initiative to the next successful level. Ready. Set. Go.