• Mini Master Mind

    1st June 2022 - 9:03-10:33 (CET)

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    How does a Mini Master Mind work?

    A Mini MasterMind is a great way to support each other to solve challenges. We gather online in a small group of participants (8-10 participants) and follow a strict process to make sure that everybody gets a lot of value.


    After a quick introduction exercise, we will have several rounds according to the 1-2-3-1 rhythm.


    1: Every participant has to prepare a 1 minute story where the person explains a challenge. This could be a personal or professional challenge. One person starts and gets 1 minute to explain the challenge and context.


    2: In the next two minutes, we will apply the Question Platoon method: the other participants can ask all kind of questions related to the challenge with the purpose of broadening the context for the 'challenge-owner'.


    3: The next three minutes are meant for sharing tips, sources, insights, experiences with each other concerning the challenge. The challenge-owner is not responding in this phase, only listening to the questions, which will stimulate new thoughts and trigger ideas.


    1: The final minute is again for the challenge-owner to share some golden nuggets that (s)he has received.


    This process is repeated as many times as the number of participants.

  • Some feedback from the previous Mini Master Mind session:

    “It was a fresh breeze of ideas utilizing different perspectives on how to solve my challenge. I like the setup!”
    “Sharing & receiving an abundance of practical ideas, inspirational insights and critical reflection.”
    “An Inspirational boost”

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