• Change Mindset Tribe event

    'Change Matters'

    Wednesday 21th June 2023 - 9:03 - 10:18 (Central Europe Time)

    with Margit Takacs

  • Building resilience & navigating through emotional ups & downs in a change project

    Change Matters is all about unlocking your creative and empathetic potential and enabling you to effectively manage human resistance in the workplace. It will be a big hit with change leaders and practitioners who want to delve into their emotional intelligence and human understanding, and receive hands-on approaches to be even more effective!
    Change Matters is also the title of the new book written by Margit Takacs - a change management & culture consultant based in Geneva. She's helping people through the emotional ups and downs in the midst of change & transformation at an organisational and personal level via consulting, training & coaching - all over the world (she did already fieldwork in 7 different countries for large & small organisations who wanted to get more resilience to cope with change).
    The purpose of this session is to share experiences, examples and look for some common tips/tricks that might help us. At the end of the session, we will also have time to share some good tips, books, TED Talks, websites with each other.


    Afterwards, we will provide all participants a short summary with the most important discussion points + practical tips & tricks. You can subscribe below.
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