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    You have attended the presentation 'Making Change Happen' from Cyriel and you can do two things via this webpage. One is downloading his slides (in Dutch & English). Know that his presentation is a continuous beta-version so it will be adapted before every new presentation - but the essence will stay the same.


    You can download the slides via the button below and will get access to a dropbox where you can find the presentation.


    If you want even more, then click on the button at the left (or scroll down) to subscribe to my newsletter series 'Making Change Happen'. You will get a bi-weekly (2 x / month) newsletter with extra tips, examples, insights, ... and a lot more to make change a bit more simple. I have 'killed a lot of darlings' in my presentation but you will get those extra tips if you subscribe. Enjoy the inspiration. The series will start in March 2024.