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    Global speaker on Change Mindset

    Over 1000 speeches in 33 countries on 5 continents

  • Corona Update

    Yes, I also deliver online, interactive presentations (And I can help to create and moderate large online events). Check out my online services.

  • Why should you work with Cyriel?

    Five reasons why Cyriel is your perfect speaker

    • Cyriel is a simplifier instead of a thought leader and you will get simple and pragmatic tools and language that can be immediately applied in the daily practice of your audience members & will strengthen your key messages.​​
    • Cyriel’s presentation is an experience: he uses stories, props, interactive exercises, examples, … combined with a lot of humour to make sure that his content will be remembered years after he has spoken.
    • You get 20 years of experience in the domain of change, creativity and innovation condensed in an engaging presentation. 200 recommendations on LinkedIn are proof of my track record from satisfied clients.
    • You can put Cyriel in front of an international audience because he has delivered speeches in 33 countries on five continents. As a Global Speaking Fellow (an award that only 35 people in the world received), I’ll ensure that your message is strengthened especially in a culturally diverse environment.
    • You deserve a speaker who goes the extra mile. I will help you to get maximum results out of your entire event. Don’t expect a standard presentation.
  • A selection of happy clients from all over the world

  • "Time flies when you have Cyriel to run your online session!! Very interactive, full of insights and fun. I highly recommend Cyriel as a speaker, moderator or facilitator for any online or offline events."

    Elina Jutelyte - Meeting Professionals International President Belgian chapter

    "Cyriel delivered a splendid and energising keynote presentation for our Change Leaders. As a result new language and tools are now being used regularly. A great experience. “

    Sabine Blanchet - Country HR manager


    "Cyriel is able to apply enormous amounts of creativity to his sessions. Whether it's about behaviour, strategy, team-spirit or out-of-the-box-thinking, it's always worthwhile exchanging thoughts with Cyriel!”

    Peter Lathouwers - Europe Business Intelligence Director


    "Cyriel is a fantastic speaker to work with. His energy and style, combined with the relevant content of his session ensure the delegates leave the event inspired.”

    Simon Yeowart - program director

    @ the Eventful Group

    "Cyriel got the highest score of all speakers with a 4,6/5 followed by comments such as 'Absolutely brilliant', 'By far the best inspiration and needed session', 'Excellent thinking',...This says it all and makes my day."

    Michael Nielsen - managing director

    @ TENEO events

    "Cyriel's talks are simple, well-thought and yet 'unpredictably' interesting.”

    Alfred Chin - Sales Director Southeast Asia

    @ AIP Corporation

    "He holds the audience on the edge of their seats from start to finish.”

    Simon Harvey - organiser @ Fit for the Future event

  • "More than 200 satisfied clients have written a recommendation on Cyriel's Linkedin profile."

  • Videos

    The best way to explore if Cyriel would be a great fit for your event is by experiencing him on stage.

    The second best way is watching a video to discover his engaging style,

    his interaction with the audience & his humour. Enjoy.

    Showreel online presentation

    [3 min]

    Discover how Cyriel can create a fun, interactive online session where your audience stays attentive!

    TEDx Antwerp

    [16 min]

    Watch Cyriel's TEDx Talk delivers in Antwerp in front of 800 participants.

    Mini-documentary & showreel

    [7 min]

    Get a good impression of Cyriel's mission in life & see him on stage at the European Communication Summit (700 communication directors from all over Europe).

    Showreel UAE Government

    [1 min]

    Exact 1-minute showreel of Cyriel presenting in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) in front of 50 Communication professionals from the UAE Government.

    Going the extra mile

    [3 min]

    This is a great movie to show that I go the extra mile for a client. In this case, I was dressed up in a boxing outfit because the stage was a boxing ring for 200 Dutch Travel Managers.


    [3 min]

    What are the participants of the 'Mastering SAP' conference saying about me after my keynote + workshop.

    Recommendation Omar Hatamleh - NASA

    [1 min]

    Recommendation from Omar Hatamleh - Chief innovation officer @ NASA

    Full keynote 'Change Mindset'

    [41 min]

    This is a complete keynote, recorded at the European Communication Summit in Brussels for 700 communication directors from all over Europe.

  • Check Cyriel's availability

    for your next event

    Ready to boost the Change Mindset of your audience?

  • Recognition in the speaking industry


    Cyriel is a member of the Professional Speakers Association in Europe & Asia. He's also the first Belgian Certified Professional Speaker (CSP) - only 800 CSP's in the world.


    But even more remarkable is that he belongs to a select group of 35 people in the world who may call themselves Global Speaking Fellow - an award for speakers who have spoken across the Globe and demonstrates a high degree of speaking expertise and cultural awareness in global markets.

  • Keynotes

    Here's a selection of the most popular keynotes that Cyriel talks about.

    Most booked keynote

    The Change Mindset: survival kit for professionals in change

    Every day, we're confronted with new challenges: global competition; demanding clients; new technologies; ... We need professionals who dare to leave their comfort zone and suspend their judgement. We need professionals who explore the world from a different perspective and can turn problems into opportunities. We need professionals who get into action and who aren’t scared to fail fast, often and forward by experimenting with BaNano actions. Are you one of those professionals?


    YES ... suspend your judgement to break fixed thinking patterns.

    AND … explore the world from a different perspective to generate new ideas.

    ACT … take small actions because the key to real innovation is doing experiments & fail fast, often & forward.


    In this interactive and entertaining presentation, you will get the spark, tools and language to influence others to be more creative & entrepreneurial and give a big boost to your own Change Mindset.


    Yes And Act … Now.


    * It is possible to have Cyriel deliver an interactive workshop/masterclass for leaders (1/2 or full day)

    What can your organisation learn from other industries & other surprising resources?

    Crossing X Borders

    Our society faces many major challenges. Many of them are complex, also called 'wicked problems'. To solve them, cross-over cooperation between silos and sectors is crucial. Designing these collaborations and finding new solutions needs a new discipline: cross-industry innovation.


    During this entertaining and inspiring presentation, you will explore a simple process & concrete tools to 'translate' solutions from different industries & other surprising resources to your own business. Cyriel will boost your skills to broaden your perspective and give you tips and tools to use out-of-the-ordinary resources to discover new ideas.


    * It is possible to have Cyriel deliver an interactive workshop/masterclass (1/2 or full day). You can download more information about this 1-day masterclass here.

    ** At this moment, Cyriel and his team are developing special editions of the Crossing Borders keynote. There will be a special version for certain roles like Human Resources professionals, Marketing/Communication professionals and Event organisers. And also for certain industries: pharma, financial (banking, insurance), healthcare, automotive, ...Feel free to reach out if there's a special version for your role/industry.

    Online series of tailor made talks to inspire your people

    33 Minutes of Inspiration

    Cyriel will help boost the ‘Change Mindset’ of your employees over the next 5 weeks. His 33-minute inspirational sessions are a unique combination of 3 things:

    • Inspiring content by a top, global speaker
    • Small group discussions - starting from 1 main question
    • Plenary sharing of the best insights.


    You can choose from a Menu of 12 short inspiring talks. Download the Menu here.

    Online webinar

    Online webinar (Change Mindset or Crossing X Borders)

    It is possible to deliver an online version of my keynotes. This can be very handy if you're working with remote teams spread over all the world or in times when physical meetings are not handy (eg in times of corona). There are several possibilities:


    + Pre-recorded video of my keynote (of course with tailormade examples for your audience)

    + Live online recording of the keynote + possibility for the audience to ask questions (via the chatbox)

    + A series of short videos totally tailormade for your organisation. See 33 Minutes of Inspiration.


    I have delivered several successful webinars in the previous months and years (Warner Media, Association of Change Management Professionals, BAT, ...). Feel free to reach out if you would like some more information.

    These are the most requested keynotes. Cyriel has a few other keynotes available:


    'Less is Beautiful' - discover how 'less' can succeed in business

    'Timespiration' - a different view on the topic time

    'Yes and ... Your Business' - learn how the basic skills from improvisation theatre can boost your business


    More info about these topics via this link.

  • Author of 5 business books

    Click here or on the picture to get more information (& you can order your copy of one of these book)

  • Some Facts & Figures


    Days/year working abroad


    Subscribers on his newsletter


    Visits to the Burning Man festival


    Testimonials on Linkedin


    Countries visited as a speaker


    Business books written


    Obstacles conquered at the longest obstacle run in the world


    Global Speaking Fellows in the world (I'm one of them)

  • Cyriel has already delivered presentations in 33 countries (on 5 continents)

  • Download Speaker Package & Onepager

    Via this dropbox link, you will get access to my one pager and Speaker Package with all my basic information.

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    +32 486 87 45 11

    +32 486 87 45 11 (Belgium)

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