A peek into my soul

The space in between ...

Personal video exploration of my soul

I’m a big fan of Nic Askew – a very special poet film maker who makes unique films where he captures the soul of a person. I had the chance to follow a three day course with Nic (together with 4 other ‘students’) and it was a great experience. I cannot describe what happened during those three days in some bullet points and expressing this in the spoken or written language wouldn’t be enough. It’s about the space between people. Most of the time, this space between people is filled with assumptions, ideas, thoughts, … which blocks the real seeing … the real person … the real conversation (with or without words).

But we made a movie … Allow yourself to immerse for 5’11” if you’re interested in exploring the space between you and me. And before starting the movie, follow the instructions that Nic gives when you’re watching his movies:

"Switch of the world around you and play the movie full screen. Do not attempt if distracted. And enjoy."