What profession will you do in 2045?

The world is changing quickly and several jobs won't be there anymore in the future. Jobs like cashiers, travel agents, newspaper delivery, taxi drivers, assembly line workers, sport referees, ... will disappear. So maybe you should already invest in a career that will be needed. here's a list of some of the professions of tomorrow.

* Alternative Currency Speculator
Digital currencies are on the rise as people lose trust in government-controlled currencies. To help you ensure that you do not have a failed financial credit in the future, you will need a digital currency advisor who understands cryptocurrencies. This will help to balance a diversified digital portfolio.

* Productivity Counselor
With the emphasis on productivity and 'work-life-balance', coupled with new tracking devices, employees will need help refining their lives to improve their productivity- combining ergonomics, wellness, time management and career counseling.

* Food Engineer
3D printing has taken the world by storm. From simple uses like creating models in the cosmetics industry, to more complicated arenas like prosthetics, 3D printing continues to develop. In the near future, there will be 3D food printing using the same technology as 3D printing, but creating different types of food, some of which will be edible.

* End of Life Therapist
As life spans increase, planning for the last phases of life will become standard practice. End of life therapists will act as guides to planning the years before a client's death. This will involve being straight-forward, but sensitive about ways to make dying a smoother process. They will collaborate with a Digital Death Manager who will create, manage or eliminate content to craft one’s online presence posthumously.

* Virtual Reality Architect
The combination of virtual reality and artificial intelligence leads to many new applications. Companies like IKEA are already embracing these technologies to show the 3D full-size products via their catalogue app on the tablets and phones of their potential clients.

* ‘Rewilder’
Natural landscapes continue to disappear across the globe as a result of overdevelopment, natural disaster and industrial farming. Therefore, it will be critical in the future to have a fleet of rewilders who have agricultural and wildlife management training to return nature to some of the environment’s most forsaken locations.

* Digital Detox Therapist
A counselor who specialises in separating technology-stressed individuals from their devices, creating unique analog immersion zones.

* Organ Harvester
There are currently several labs around the world that can grow human organs in a simple petri dish. Eventually, this technology will become commercially available and there will be a need for an organ harvester to plant and then harvest the organs prior to them being implanted by robot-surgeons.

* Media Remixer
A media remixer takes the job of DJ or VJ to another level by remixing various forms of media into one cohesive new project. These remixers will bring together audio, video, images and augmented reality to create projects ranging from marketing campaigns, wedding entertainment to installation art.

* Commercial Civilian Drone Operator
With the continued popularity of drones, in the future there will be drones for almost everything- including delivery services, forensics and filming. Once drones have rightfully taken up an essential place in the world there will be a great need for commercial civilian drone operators. This will require a pilot’s license and additional extensive training and experience.