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    Interviews Leaders

    with some Change professional hotshots

    Here you can find the summary of some of the interviews I've done with some Change professionals on different topics.


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    Crossing Borders Mini Stories

    Crossing Borders

    Inspiration from different industries

    Get inspired by short snackable blogs and discover new insights how HR and Internal Communication can adopt insights from different industries.


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    Personal ideas - HR topics

    21 Ways 'Crossing HR Borders'

    Booklet with lots of inspiration

    Innovative web searcher Marc Heleven is collecting 21 principles how HR can learn from different industries and other inspiring resources.


    * This will result in an e-book that will be available for members begin January 2022. Preview can be accessed via this link.

    Extra inspiration

    Download cool stuff

    Poster ideakillers ...

    Via this page, you can download all kind of cartoons, posters with ideakillers and boosters and a lot of Change Quotes. Enjoy.

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