• 33 Minutes of Inspiration

    During 5 weeks, your team will get a short inspirational boost combined with small group discussions.

  • What is '33 Minutes of Inspiration'?

    Do you want your colleagues to stay open and agile in this crisis?

    Could your employees use a short motivational boost?

    Do you want to enable them with some simple and pragmatic tools?


    Global speaker Cyriel Kortleven will help boost the ‘Change Mindset’ of your employees over the next 5 weeks. His 33-minute inspirational sessions are a unique combination of 3 things:

    1. Inspiring content by a top, global speaker
    2. Small group discussions
    3. Plenary sharing of the best insights.

    How does it work?

    We choose a certain time on any weekday, and in the next 5 weeks, we will arrange this online inspirational session for the same day and hour. The session last ... duh ... 33 minutes.


    We recommend a maximum of 50 participants, so everyone has an opportunity to share. Using Zoom, we will send a link + password to log in. Participants will gain access to slides + extra inspirational materials (articles, links, and so on), for those who may want to delve deeper.


    Download Onepager in ENGLISH


    Download Onepager in DUTCH

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    '33 Minutes of Inspiration' in my organisation

  • “It was a pleasure to attend these short inspiration snippets once a week. It was only half an hour which made it possible to squeeze it into my busy schedule. I found the sessions very refreshing, interactive and helped me to look in a different way to my daily busines.”

    Paul Kuiper @ BDO (enthusiastic participant who joined every session ;-))

  • The Menu

    You can choose 5 topics that would be the most relevant for your team.

    Button connect & network

    Connect & Network

    This is a networking session where colleagues have the chance to have a conversation in a small breakout room on how things are going. Re-connect with your peers in an informal & fun way.

    Button ladders & bananas

    Ladders & Bananas

    How do you spot the inefficient patterns, procedures and systems in your life/organisation? And, how can we get rid of them?

    Button kill the ideakillers

    Kill the ideakillers

    Are a lot of ideas killed with expressions like 'Yes but ...', 'No money' or 'We've already tried it'? Learn a simple tool to make sure that people suspend their judgment - even if there's resistance to change.

    Button switching perspective

    Switching perspective

    Explore the world from different angles. You can turn problems into opportunities if you dare to approach the situation from a different perspective.

    Button experimentation

    Experimentation & Nearlings

    Boost the entrepreneurial mindset of your people by allowing small experiments. Also, discover what a nearling is and how it can help reduce risk aversion.

    Button less is beautiful

    Less is Beautiful

    Three simple principles detailing how 'less' can lead to 'more' success. Start to stop. Simplify. Letting go.

    Button crossing borders

    Crossing Borders

    What can your organisation learn from other industries & other unconventional sources? Learn some easy ways to find inspiration outside your organisation & how to apply it to your own challenges.

    Button making choices

    Making choices

    We’re confronted with thousands of decisions every day. How can you make better decisions?

    Button selling an idea

    Selling an idea

    Based on the book 'Made to Stick', we will explore some methods to make sure that your message and idea will stand out and be remembered.

    Button creative skills

    Six creative skills

    Discover 6 skills that can boost your creativity. Suspend judgement. Explore the world. Use your imagination. Make associations. Don't stop after your first idea. Do it now.

    Button art of questions

    The Art of Questions

    Identifying the right question is probably the most crucial element if you're looking for solutions. We will explore some methods to find the right extraction level & fine-tune your question.

    Button no more boring webinars

    No More Boring Webinars

    Learn 9,5 simple, low-tech methods to create more interaction, engagement and fun during your live online sessions and meetings.

  • “Cyriel’s 33 Minutes of Inspiration sessions were short, to the point, useful, interactive and a lot of practical examples.”

    Diana Urbina - HR Business Partner @ Oryx Energies

  • What are participants saying about this?

    You can find a few video testimonials

    Jorrit Schiks

    Uitdager en groeiversneller - JorritSchiks.nl

    Sandrine Christodoulou

    HR Business partner RMB Regie Media Belgium

    Dr Madelaine de Hauke

    Business 4 Good