• Connect & Network

    How can we re-connect with colleagues in an online world in an informal and fun way?

  • What is 'Connect & Network'?

    Most of us are missing the real connection with each other during these digital times.


    How can we re-connect with colleagues in an online world in an informal and fun way? What are the methods to make sure that our members can mingle and share insights with each other? How can we increase the impact of networking during digital conferences?


    The purpose is to (re)connect people in an informal way - while striking a good balance between a serious business meeting and just an entertaining pub quiz. This session allows team-members or participants to revive connections with each other while exploring some work-related elements and giving them the opportunity to ventilate some emotional things.

    How does it work?

    Target groups: teams working in an organisation; members of an association or conference organisers.


    Timing: between 30 minutes - 2 hours (can be added or integrated with an online meeting or conference)


    Number participants: We recommend a maximum of 250 participants (due to the limitation of max 50 breakout rooms).


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  • "I never thought an online network session could be so much fun! Cyriel juggled with challenges, games, polls and breakout sessions. He definitely succeeded in creating an open, dynamic vibe. Result: pleasant, substantive talks and an appetite to continue the conversation."

    Charlotte Sterkens - Communications and Marketing manager @ Rombit

  • Possible elements during the networksession

    We always create a tailor-made networking session for you.

    Button Speed dates

    Speed dates

    Participants get the chance to get to know a different colleague or participant to share what they do.

    Button Poll


    We create a poll in advance - a combi of serious questions mixed with some fun facts and figures about the organisation.

    Button Mini exploration

    Mini Exploration

    Groups of 3 or 4 people get a challenge/topic/question to talk about for 7 or 8 minutes. Then we come back plenary to share a few insights.

    Button post it mosaic

    Post it mosaic Statements

    We will be using post it notes (which participants can stick on their
    cameras) to create a mosaic. Via different statements, we will create a
    nice visual impression of the participants opinion on those statements.

    Button question platoon

    Question Platoon

    The participants will be helping each other in subgroups of 4 people. 1 Person describes a challenge in 30 seconds and the other participants get 90 seconds to fire off questions to that person.

    Button mini TED Talks

    Mini TED Talks

    The audience gets inspired by mini presentations (TED-style) on a topic related to a challenge of the company. Afterwards they can explore the topic in small subgroups.

    Button brainstorming session

    Brainstorming Session

    We can integrate a 10-15 minute brainstorming session where people collaborate in subgroups - in a common document - to generate new ideas.

    Butoon icebreakers


    We have a large database of short funny youtube movies and lots of inspiring quotes to introduce a certain topic.

  • “For our online event, we wanted to offer our participants the possibility to network online. In collaboration with Cyriel, we created a 2 hour online networking session. He also hosted this session in his signature style - with a lot of energy and humor. We got great feedback from the participants.”

    Sarah Vangheluwe - Coordinator VONK network (internal communication professionals)