• No More Boring Webinars

      Yes, I want more Interaction, Engagement & Fun during online sessions

    • Too many online meetings, webinars or events are boring.

      ... Yes, sometimes very boring.

    • But that doesn't mean that your session has to be boring!

      Check out the online showreel from Cyriel (click here for the Dutch version)

    • 'No More Boring Webinars'

      During 121 minutes, you will get 21,5 interactive methods to boost the engagement during your own webinars. The methods are great for digital, live meetings and events where you want to interact with your audience. Most methods that I'll share are very simple & low-tech (you don't have to be a technical wizard), easy to implement and require between 1-5 minutes of your 'valuable' meeting time but will boost the attention span of your audience. I deliver this session in English and Dutch. I have used my experience as an international keynote speaker - known for my energy, interaction & connection with the audience - to collect and finetune a series of simple methods to create more engagement & grab attention during digital sessions. And you will get access to the eBook 'NoMoreBoringWebinars' with the explanation of all methods & my catchy drawings. DISCLAIMER: I deliver these online sessions using ZOOM because we need breakout rooms + be able to see the videos of all participants. Most of the exercises can be done with MS Teams or Webex (it depends on the latest version of the software). Money back guarantee - if you are not happy with the session or didn't learn enough new things, you get your money back.

      Drawing taster No More Boring Webinars


      For people who want to test if this program is something for them

      € 0.00

      - Get 6,5 methods to get some appetite for 'the Real Thing'

      - No eBook


      Drawing Real Thing No More Boring Webinars

      The Real Thing

      For trainers, speakers, facilitators, team-leaders, ...


      - 21,5 methods to engage your audience.

      - eBook with 21,5 methods & descriptions.

      Drawing Full Package No More Boring Webinars

      The Full Package

      For trainers, speakers, facilitators, team-leaders, ...


      - Everything in 'The Real Thing', plus:

      - Extra 33 minutes of One-on-one coaching to look how you can integrate those methods for your own session.

      (we pick a separate moment for this coaching via mail).

      Drawing Full Package Pro No More Boring Webinars

      The Full Package PRO

      For people ... who want a professional, external moderator

      Fee on request

      - Everything in 'The Full Package', plus:

      - I will design and facilitate/moderate your online session.

      - Send a mail and we plan a call to discuss details and then I can make a tailormade proposal.

    • What's in for me?

      The next elements are all included in the 'Real Thing'

      Picture object no more boring webinars

      21,5 methods to create more interaction, engagement and fun

      During your online meetings, webinars and events

      You will get 21,5 methods that are very simple & low-tech (you don't have to be a technical wizard), easy to implement and require between 1-5 minutes of your 'valuable' meeting time but will boost the attention span of your audience. Some of them are great to create more interaction; others are good to grab the attention and a few are meant to stimulate engagement between participants.

      Picture Cyriel Kortleven no more boring webinars

      Creating awareness for the right Mindset of the online facilitator

      Tips & tricks to prepare yourself

      Next to the interactive methods, we will also spend a bit of time on the differences between online and offline meetings and how you can prepare yourself even better to deliver a great experience for your audience. During the session, you can of course also ask your questions.

      Drawing ebook no more boring webinars

      eBook 'No More Boring Webinars'

      including 21,5 methods

      You will receive the eBook 'No More Boring Webinars' with an explanation of all the 21,5 methods. It's a combination of the slides that Cyriel has used with a short, clear description how the methods works.


      Next to the book with all methods, you will get some extra sources of inspiration (+ short technical explanation how you can create a poll and breakout rooms in Zoom).

    • FREE Taster session

      Mail your preferred date + language to Cyriel

      Drawing taster No More Boring Webinars

      You will get 6,5 methods in 20 minutes time. It's meant as a taster but you will definitely get enough input to apply those methods in your own sessions.


      By clicking on the button, you can send a quick mail to Cyriel which TASTER session you want to follow. Look the column at the right for dates & language.


      Make sure you mention the following things:


      TASTER: First name + Last Name + Date

      + (language) English OR Dutch

      Next taster session:



      Donderdag 25 Februari 2021 - 9:19 - 9:39



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      "Cyriel showed me an alternative and absolutely more fun way of delivering webinars or online events! He has a lot of insights to offer and does that in a very entertaining way! "

      Frederik Daneels - Business Owner @Extra Paar Handen

      Picture mood checkin

      "I can recommend the No More Boring Webinars sessions from Cyriel. It really helped us to do things differently and to get a more involved audience! Organising online meetings is now more fun for us too!"

      Ingrid Hoffman - General manager @ ADM

      Picture Cyriel Kortleven climbing ladder

      "My most engaging webinar ever! Beyond dozens of tips and tricks, it also gave me an appetite to do some more innovating myself."

      Alain Thys - Experience Architect @Customerfit

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      "We organised an incompany No More Boring Webinars training. Cyriel opened my mind to start exploring new possibilities to make the meetings interactive. Thanks Cyriel for giving me a kick start."

      Peter Weber - HR IT application owner @Bank Vontobel

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