How to change a company culture?

Should we create a new culture or rather focus on one preferred culture?

That was the first big question popping up when opening the debate inside our Change Mindset Tribe event that took place on… 

And participants from different backgrounds - all members of this open-minded and engaging Tribe - enthusiastically jumped on this first question, without immediately giving straightforward answers.

In fact, clear answers to this overall question - how do you change a company culture - seemed rather difficult to be given right away. Moreover, interesting personal questions and additional challenges had first to be shared and discussed before opening up for hands-on tips and suggestions.

Challenges that might be of interest for you and your company as well, when facing a change in company culture: 

  Should we go for the company culture and values of the largest company?

  At the end a new culture will always emerge. How do you guide this process of merging the culture and values of the 2 companies? 

  What is your company culture anyway and how do you experience it on a daily basis?

  Who within the company hear/know most about what affects behaviour and allround feelings on the work floor? 

  When companies merge, what are the culture KPI’s in this new plan? How prominent are they? Are they being given enough value? 


Once discussed these challenges thoroughly by exchanging opinions, proper values and experiences, practical suggestions and personal experiences within different companies were there to be shared.

How can we change a company culture in a smooth and very involving way, keeping every employee happily on board?

Here is already a small list of possible actions:

  Organise ‘Town Hall Meetings’ where discussions on the most important values with all employees are organised?

  Integrate people from the daily work floor in the change process? They for sure know better what the ongoing issues are and how to communicate about them.

  Bring employees together on a structured weekly basis and point out the next steps?

  Involve people from both companies to create a company culture that is mutual?

  Appoint one person with a coaching background who will monitor from day one how the culture is evolving and have him or her get a team from within the company?

  Call them ‘Happy Coaches’, who measure and create well being on the work floor as they can easily feel the heartbeat of the employees?


All these actions can make sure that changing a company culture doesn’t have to be difficult, complicated, nor heavy. By constantly building bridges and putting emphasis on a strong and clear communication you can better shape and carry the change process.

And always remember in the first place:

Think of WHAT really needs to change and WHY?

Start this discussion with all people involved in the change process... and you have started the change!

If you are a professional involved in change projects in your organisation and you're interested in becoming a Change Mindset Tribe member & participate in one or all of the events, check out this page.