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    The Tribe is an international online platform for professionals involved with change projects. You are curious how to create an open-minded and engaging culture. You want to get inspired and learn simple, practical tools. You want to discover & share experiences with your peers. You want to make the idea of change a bit less heavy, frightening or complicated. 


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    This is the spot where the Real Action takes place

    Be part of an interactive (online or offline) event organised by Cyriel and / or his partners. We have planned 12+ events in 2022 which means a lot of opportunities to get inspiration and meet (international) peers.


    Click on this link for an overview of all upcoming events.


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    You will receive several times / year an inspiring newsletter with the main insights from the sessions, stories, interviews, tips & tricks to make change a bit more simple.

    Preview 9 week 'Change your Mind' series

    'Boost your Change Mindset' platform

    Exclusive for the 'Full Package' Tribe members

    During 10 weeks, you will get 33+ pre-recorded modules of training how you can apply the Change Mindset in your own organisation. You can find training videos + extra inspiration / subtopic. You will get access to this online course if you go for the 'Full Package' of the Tribe membership.


    * Sneak preview of one modules is ready - check it out.

    Extra inspiration for Tribe members

    Extra Inspiration

    Exclusive for the 'Full Package' Tribe members

    You will get access to several interviews, crossing border snacks, my online course 'No More Boring Online Sessions', 21 ways to cross HR Borders and and exclusive AMA session and more ... 

  • Investment

    'One for us' - 99 euro / 1 session / 2 participants (*)


    + Two professionals can follow one Tribe session

    + A short summary + extra inspiration sources will be provided for the 'Connect & Explore' sessions

    + Access to the 'Change Mindset Tribe' - Linkedin group where you can exchange connect to other members


    Exception: two kinds of people could get a free ticket. 1. If your organisation has already worked with Cyriel (or wants to do that in the near future). 2. You are very, very enthusiastic about a certain topic and would love to attend that session. Just send a nice mail to Cyriel and maybe .... if he's in a good mood (he's 99% of the time), he will put you on the guest-list.


    'The Full Package' - 750 euro / all sessions in 2022 / 2 participants (*)


    + Two professionals will be part of the 2022 membership

    + Access to all (online) events in 2022

    + A short summary + extra inspiration sources will be provided for the 'Connect & Explore' sessions

    + Access to the 'Change Mindset Tribe' - Linkedin group where you can exchange connect to other members

    + Access to the full platform ‘Boost your Change Mindset’ (33+ videos to dive deep); Interviews with change leaders; Crossing borders Snacks; online training 'No More Boring Online Sessions' and more.

    + 1 exclusive AMA (ask me anything) session with Cyriel


    Only exclusive 21% VAT for Belgian participants

  • Why do I have to subscribe together with another person?

    (*) The purpose is that you're not alone on this journey. Implementing change projects; engaging employees and creating an open-minded learning culture is not an easy task. Wouldn't it be interesting to have a 'buddy' who's on the same page as you and also wants to learn, share and grow. A buddy could be your colleague from L&D or Communication who's also involved in certain change projects. Or you know a friend who 's 'Transformation Officer' in a different organisation. Connect and invite that person as your buddy Tribe member. You can split the costs and we all know that everybody is busy so chances are big that you can't attend every monthly event. But hopefully your buddy can attend and give you a summary (You will get a summary anyway via the Tribe). And it's more fun to follow this program with 2 people. And for those reasons, I have decided that you have to subscribe with 2 people if you want to become a Tribe member.

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