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    The Tribe is an international online platform for professionals involved with change projects. You are curious how to create an open-minded and engaging culture. You want to get inspired and learn simple, practical tools. You want to discover & share experiences with your peers. You want to make the idea of change a bit less heavy, frightening or complicated. 


    Welcome. You have found your Tribe.

  • Check if this Tribe would be relevant for you?

    • You are a senior professional & leader who's involved in change projects in your organisation (could be a change practitioner, HR professional, Marketing or Communication professional, ...)
    • You are interested in engaging employees, coordinating change projects or developing a more open-minded culture.
    • You want to share experiences & learn from your peers in different roles, industries and areas.
    • You want to become part of an international network. In previous sessions, we had around 15-25 participants coming from 7-12 different countries.
    • You value the fact that there will be only participants - no attendees (we will be working in breakout rooms so we appreciate that you jump in and share your own experiences).


    To ensure the quality of the conversations during the sessions, I only allow people who fulfill these criteria (*1). And to ensure enough diversity, I admit max 2 professionals from the same organisation in one session. The sessions are completely free.


    (*1) For the people who are not working as a senior professional or leader involved in change projects in your organisation but you are still interested in the topic of the Change Mindset, I would recommend to have a look at my 'Boost your Change Mindset' program.

  • Yes, I'm interested in the Tribe events

    Send a mail to Cyriel with a little bit of background of yourself and you will be updated about the Tribe events.